Corporate Office – Sparks, Nevada
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It's time to call Advance Installations...
  WHEN your remodel or demolition project involves

ASBESTOS containing materials such as:

  • Sheetrock tape and texture
  • Sprayed acoustic ceiling
  • Floor tile, linoleum & mastic
  • Pipe and HVAC insulation
  • Transite cemetitious siding, panels and pipes
  • Roofing materials
  WHEN you detect visible mold or it is
              suspect due to leaks or condensation
  WHEN your building was built prior to 1978 it
             could have lead based painted surfaces

Whether you require a building from the ground up,


an addition or just a remodel our general contracting
division can serve your special needs.

Our projects range from a few thousand dollars to a million in size and
from basic construction to highly technical telephone central operations buildings.
Nevada State Contractor’s License No. 033627 B-2 and 027501 A-22, A23 asbestos and lead, Nevada OSHA License No. C0001 
California State License Board No. 649749 B-ASB, Cal-OSHA Registration No. 394
Bonded and Insured      License Limit $10,000,000.00
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!