Fire and Water Damage Restoration/Remodel


We are a diversified company established in 1978 with two divisions that approach fire and water damage in a specialized way from most other contractors. We have the damaged material and materials that will be disturbed during the restoration or remodel tested for asbestos so that further contamination does not occur. Once abated our general contracting division takes over.   

    • Our general contracting division has experience with independent claims adjusters, major insurance companies, mortgage companies and homeowner’s associations.  
    • Our abatement division can recognize potentially hazardous materials and will take the necessary steps to prevent contamination and owner liability.  Our crews are trained and certified through EPA and OSHA for asbestos, lead and mold removal.
    • We understand the sensitive needs that people have when disaster strikes and we can help you through the process from initial board up to complete restoration. 

Burned Home Restored Home


The fire gutted the entire inside of this home, a portion of the redwood exterior and part of the roof.  We worked through the homeowner’s association, an architectural review committee and claims adjusters to produce this successful restoration.  The homeowner also had us include an addition while under reconstruction.  She was so pleased with the entire project that she took time to write us.